In Australia, a woman lives with a… giant spider!

If you suffer from arachnophobia, move on! In Australia, a woman shares her home with a giant spider. And the least we can say is that this unusual cohabitation is going wonderfully.

Annette Gray is a mother residing in Australia. For two years, the latter has shared her home with Charlotte, a giant spider that does not go unnoticed. According to the words of the Australian, the arachnid is as harmless as a snail.

Indeed, Charlotte is a Huntsman spider , a species that poses no danger to humans. This creature excels in the art of hunting cockroaches and other pests, to the delight of Annette and her son, Jake. It must be said that this furry animal is about 15 centimeters wide. In fact, its size allows it to catch an incalculable number of prey.

“We have seen Charlotte grow. She never bothered us. She moves around the house, pops up from room to room, eats all the bugs ,” Jake told The Dodo news site. As you will have understood, the spider is very useful.

Unsurprisingly, Charlotte’s presence intrigues those close to the Gray family. Some people even jokingly suggested burning down the house to get rid of the animal. But Annette has no intention of dislodging her roommate.

«Huntsman spiders have always been tolerated in our home because of their appetite for cockroaches, and we don’t want to use any chemicals to eliminate these pests,» Jack told IFLScience.

You may not know it, but spiders contribute to the proper functioning of the domestic ecosystem.

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