“I just euthanized 4 kittens. Sterilize your brothel animals”, the rant of a veterinarian

A veterinarian’s big rant on Twitter reminding pet owners of the importance of neutering caused a stir on social media.

The need to sterilize pets is not always well understood by owners. As a result, some are still reluctant to resort to the sterilization of their cat for example, which can lead to disastrous consequences (yes, yes)!

Adopting a pet requires a minimum of responsibility and should not be taken lightly. This is what a veterinarian wanted to remind us on Twitter with an oh so explicit rant, which had its little effect.

“ I have just euthanized 4 kittens of 4-5 days, at the request of an association too overwhelmed to take care of them… Sterilize your animals. Brothel , ”tweeted Dr. Toudou, clearly exasperated, on April 26, 2021.

Liked more than 6,000 times and retweeted 1,700 times, his rant did not go unnoticed on the social network, arousing many reactions, both positive and negative.

Comments that somewhat irritated the person concerned, who gave a layer the next day with a second tweet in which he castigated certain lesson givers.

“ I propose to the 2-3 morons who call me an assassin to give me their numbers, which I will relay to the associations. They will love having help spinning 40-50 bottles a day for over a month with an 80% chance they will die in your hands. Connect your brain , ”he launched to all his detractors.

As the Ministry of Agriculture reminds us , » sterilization is a tool for combating and preventing abandonment and attacks on animal well-being «.

For example, “ in 4 years, a couple of cats can give birth to more than 20,000 kittens ”, which is colossal.

In any case, Dr. Toudou’s message has passed!

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