With Parkinson’s disease, Michael J. Fox does not see himself living for long

During an interview delivered to the CBS Sunday Morning program, Michael J. Fox soberly confided in the fate reserved for him by Parkinson’s disease. At 61, the actor knows his time is running out.

For more than 30 years, Michael J. Fox has lived with Parkinson’s disease. A disease that gradually weakens you to kill you slowly. Aware of his fate, the actor, revealed worldwide by the “Back to the Future” trilogy, has no illusions regarding the outcome of his painful condition.

This Sunday morning in the United States, Michael J. Fox is the guest of Jane Pauley for the CBS Sunday Morning program for a poignant interview. The actor seems fatalistic and resigned, as the years have exhausted his body: “It’s starting to knock on the door. I’m not going to lie, it gets harder. It gets more complicated. Every day it gets more complicated. But, that’s how it is” .

Since the public revelation of his disease in 1998, Michael J. Fox has transformed his life into a fight against Parkinson’s , in particular through his foundation working in favor of the search for a treatment. But this fight there, Michael J. Fox is aware that he will probably no longer be there to see it come to an end.

He says he recently had spinal surgery for a benign tumour, which affected his walking and led to a host of issues, including two broken arms, a broken hand and broken bones in his face.

“Tomber is a murderer with Parkinson’s. And suck food and get pneumonia. All those subtle ways that make you… You don’t die of Parkinson’s disease. You die with Parkinson’s disease. I thought about his mortality… I won’t go until I’m 80” , he confides, a bit fatalistic.

The actor will be on Apple TV+ from May 12, as part of his documentary entitled “Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie”.

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