What water is most useful and harmless for cats

The cat should drink water that will not harm its health.

Ordinary tap water does not meet this requirement due to too high a content of harmful impurities.

Its consumption is fraught with urolithiasis.

Experts in the field do not recommend giving boiled water to the cat.

Boiled water, it has a poorer mineral composition than usual.

In addition, when boiling water, a precipitate of solid particles forms in the liquid.

Their entry into the small body of an animal will not benefit him at all.

Distilled water is strictly contraindicated for a pet such as a cat.

It does not quench thirst and does not linger in the body due to the almost complete absence of minerals and salts.

Mineral water is the other extreme. It is saturated with these substances much more than the cat’s body needs.

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