Thanks to the intervention of veterinarians, this Dalmatian was able to give birth to 16 puppies

A Dalmatian gave birth to 16 puppies during an intense delivery. And most of them were delivered by emergency caesarean section.

Luna, the Dalmatian , went into labor around midnight on June 24, 2021 and stopped between 6:30 a.m. and 7 a.m. During this time, the dog was able to give birth to the first five babies on her own. Seeing his animal in difficulty, the owner was quick to send a message to the doctor Dr. Brittni Turner of the veterinary center. The latter and his team took charge of Luna in order to take care of the 11 other little ones.

To share this particularly rare occurrence, the Fredericksburg Veterinary Center, located in the town of the same name, Texas, posted a message on social media. “Everyone was on deck this morning at the Fredericksburg Veterinary Center for an emergency C-section. We are still hoping that an intervention is not necessary for the delivery, but unfortunately, after delivering five puppies with no problem, one of them turned up the wrong way with his head turned upside down. the back» can we read on the latter, posted on the center’s Facebook page.

Usually, purebred dogs do not have many complications during childbirth, but in this case the large number of newborns has undoubtedly disrupted the process. To ensure that the puppies are all healthy and manage to stay alive, Luna was brought into the operating room in order to perform a C-section.

“As for the sixth pup, I could feel a paw in the birth canal , but just the paw. We did an x-ray and saw that the pup that was supposed to enter the birth canal is incorrectly positioned with his head turned to the side. When we walked into the OR I took out puppy after puppy and we had to call on all of our receptionists and staff to help clean and resuscitate some puppies,” veterinarian Brittni Turner explained to our colleagues from KSAT-TV.

But finally, the 16 babies were saved and they are now in great shape! Here they are in pictures:

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