Happy at last: ‘Skin and bones’ dog abandoned outside finds forever home

It can be truly amazing how cruel some people can be to animals.

So many pets are left for dead by their owners and found in a sorry state.

Fortunately, there are also people around the world who are willing to take care of these dogs and give them a second chance.

Such was the case of an abandoned dog, who began a journey of recovery after being rescued – and thankfully has now found a new home.

The dog, now named Olympus, was abandoned outside Richmond Animal Care and Control in Virginia.

The dog had been left there overnight in the freezing cold, and wasn’t discovered until the next morning.

Animal control workers found the dog in heartbreaking condition.

“He couldn’t stand up, was cold, skin and bones, had dirt coming out of his mouth and was so pitiful he broke our hearts,” RACC wrote on Facebook.

Even for people who work professionally with rescue animals, it was a particularly shocking case: «Sometimes we just can’t take it anymore,» they wrote.

“Sometimes the things people do to animals are overwhelming and it makes us want to lay on the floor and cry.»

But instead of giving in to despair, they jumped into action to save the dog’s life.

The shelter manager warmed Olympus up in their car as they rushed to the hospital, where vets administered emergency care.

«His temperature was too low to read and his blood pressure was not high enough to place an IV,» the RACC wrote.

“They warmed him up, started sub Q fluids and we prayed his body could come back.»

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