Ariel’s Six Sisters In The Little Mermaid Have Been Revealed And Represent Female Diversity

The live-action remake of The Little Mermaid is out in a month. While the trailer is already circulating on the net, a poster presenting the six sisters of the heroine has just been unveiled.

For his next film in real shots, Disney studios have bet on inclusiveness. When the big-eared studio announced that young African-American actress Halle Bailey would play Ariel, strong criticism emerged on social media, blaming her skin color that was too … black.

Disney has nothing to do with these racist criticisms and is currently continuing to promote its feature film. A trailer has already been unveiled where we discover our heroine, Prince Eric and the wicked Ursula.

But yesterday, it was Ariel’s six sisters who were introduced to the public.

What would The Little Mermaid and Ariel be without the six accompanying sisters? While Disney’s remake made a few changes, notably to its songs , to accommodate today’s mores, it did keep these key characters well, giving them a new eye-popping look at inclusivity.

Like this Ariel 2.0, the six sisters represent the diversity of women around the world. To do this, the studio relied on actresses (mostly British) with diverse origins.

We find, for example, the actress of Indian origin Simone Ashley (seen in The Chronicles of the Bridgertons ) in the skin of Indira, the loving and benevolent sister of the family. Sienna King, of South African origin, who embodies the strategist Tameka. But also Karolina Conchet, of Asian origin, who plays Mala. Lorena Andrea plays Perla, Nathalie Sorrell plays Caspia and Kajsa Mohammar plays Karina.

The six sisters were not shown in the trailer. To discover them in the flesh, you will have to wait until May 24 for the cinema release.

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