Victim of ageism, this TV presenter was fired for trying to keep her gray hair

Monument of Canadian television, Lisa LaFlamme was fired by her channel CTVNews for assuming her gray hair on the air.

In the world of television, it is very difficult to grow old, especially when you are a woman. Recently, the fate of Lisa LaFlamme, presenter of the Canadian channel CTVNews, has highlighted the age discrimination that many women face in the professional world.

Yet an emblematic face, his assumed gray hair was not to the taste of his employers who decided to end his contract, two years before its term. According to Vanity Fair, which is based on elements reported internally, a senior manager of the chain did not appreciate that «Lisa’s hair turned gray» .

A delicate subject who would have returned to the set one day “when he noticed that she was taking on a purple hue in the studio lighting” . Victim of ageism, Lisa LaFlamme has therefore become the new symbol of discrimination against women at work because of their aging age.

On social networks, many supporters have risen to support the TV presenter, like the company Dove Canada, which encourages Internet users to change their profile picture with a gray filter.

Other journalists have also raised their voices to denounce the discrimination suffered by Lisa LaFlamma, such as Céline Galipeau: “How, in 2022, can we treat a woman of experience like her, who sits at the top of the ratings with the most watched bulletin in the country? I am the living proof: we can grow old on the screen today. Having gray hair, why not? We should make a statement. All anchorwomen should wear a gray wig one night in support of Lisa LaFlamme. I launch the challenge” she launches.

For its part, the parent company of CTVNews invoked a “financial decision motivated by the change in viewer habits” to justify the dismissal of its flagship presenter .

A few months after being fired, Lisa LaFlamme spoke for the first time to CBC News, fully assuming her aging: “I am old and I fuck you” . Now, she wants to move on and get involved in causes that are dear to her. At the same time, she became a London correspondent for the Citytv channel.

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