Drunk, he makes a «cat-bite» to a policeman, the court sentences him to 6 months in prison

This is the unusual story of the day! Drunk, an individual found nothing better to do than to touch the crotch of a policeman while shouting… «cat-bite». Result: prison and a bad hangover.

Next time, he’ll think twice before aiming below the belt!

A completely drunk man, who had just had a scooter accident, was arrested then judged in immediate appearance for having touched the genitals of a policeman present on the scene.

The surreal scene took place recently in the Gard department . It all starts when the individual, in a state of intoxication, causes a traffic accident.

Going immediately on the spot, a platoon of gendarmerie then decides to control the pilot of the two-wheeler, but this one will react in an unexpected way.

Becoming uncontrollable, the man thus goes towards one of the gendarmes then touches his crotch while shouting “cat-bite”.

For those who don’t know, “chat-bite” is a schoolboy game that consists of touching another person’s sex, without their consent, before running away. A way of designating a new “cat”, in short.

As you will have understood, it is initially a game worthy of a maternal court, except that we are talking about a sexual assault liable to legal sanctions, especially if the victims are gendarmes .

This is also what the justice considered, considering that the act in itself was a «contempt in word and gesture» on a person responsible for public order.

Already known to the police for similar facts, the individual was indeed tried on February 10 for sexual assault, receiving a one-year prison sentence, including 6 months suspended.

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