This Maine Coon that looks like a black panther behaves like a dog

In Russia, a Maine Coon cat has become the new darling on social media. The reason? The furball looks like a black panther and behaves like a dog.

Vincent is an adorable Maine Coon from Russia. Like its congeners, the feline does not go unnoticed, especially on social networks. It must be said that this majestic animal has an imposing physique and silky black fur similar to that of a panther.

This 15-month-old ball of fur is enjoying happy days with his owners who consider him a full member of the family. At home, Vincent takes up a lot of space since he weighs more than nine kilograms.

“The day we brought Vincent home, I noticed a lot of people staring at him. His long chest and big head certainly gave him a unique look compared to other cat breeds, but what everyone noticed, above all, was his look,” Andrey, the cat ‘s adoptive dad , explains to Bored. Panda.

According to its owners, the kitten behaves like a dog. His favorite hobby? Catch and bring back a small aluminum ball. But her other favorite activity is following her favorite humans around the apartment.

A few months ago, Andrey and his partner had the idea of ​​sharing videos and photos of Vincent on TikTok and Instagram. Unsurprisingly, the posts quickly went viral, and more than 500,000 subscribers follow the animal’s daily life.

One thing is certain: the images only reinforce the bewitching beauty of the cat. Discover a selection of his most beautiful photos above:

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