This Nigerian Artist Creates Drawings So Realistic They Could Be Taken For Photos

Have you ever seen a drawing that seemed too good to be true? Or at least too realistic to look like a drawing? This is the case of those you will discover today through this article.

Nigerian artist Hopex John uses his drawing skills to create hyper-realistic portraits that could easily be mistaken for black and white photographs . With a simple charcoal at his disposal, he manages to reproduce the texture of the skin and hair, but also the depth of the gaze with particularly astonishing details. Indeed, Hopex John possesses a totally incredible talent.

He uses his art and his know-how to highlight well-known celebrities as well as orders from ordinary people. In order to ensure that each subject closely resembles his real double, he devotes long hours to making his portraits very realistic. Each mark on the paper is made with charcoal, which he carefully sketches and blends on the white surface of the canvas to create a play of light and shadow. Depending on the complexity of the work, it sometimes takes him over 100 hours to complete.

“I use my meticulously drawn charcoal art to express my deep feelings and to address socio-cultural issues in Nigeria , Africa and around the world. I also want to spread positive messages and impact people’s lives,” Hopex John explained in an interview. Did you hook up with his work? So go to his Instagram account to keep you informed of his new creations!

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