The tigress who lost her own children saved these little piglets

At a zoo in Thailand, a mother tigress lost all her babies and became depressed, refusing to eat, write on social media and post cute photos.

At the Thai zoo, located 100 km from Bangkok, veterinarians are conducting a strange experiment. Fearing that the tiger population would continue to decline and that in captivity they would weaken, the scientists decided to cast tiger cubs to the sow: pig’s milk allows wild cats to become strong and resistant.

The tigress Shai Mai (8) also had it – her babies, three kittens still completely blind, fell under the experience. They were given tiger milk to taste and then transferred to the pig pen.

And so that Shai Mai does not become sad or, in the worst case, does not die from the desire for children, newborn piglets were planted on her. A huge cat’s maternal instinct is so strong that she accepted them as family.

These photos were taken in 2004, but they still amaze. Certainly, many have not yet seen them.

The zoo is famous not only for its magnificent species of wild animals, but also for its unique circus performances and show programs.

It turned out to be a real art. All visitors were delighted with the spectacle they saw, and the photos are still being discussed online.

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