Despite a “fortune of 5 million euros”, Frances Cabrell has been with her muse for 52 years and lives in a modest barn

Francis Cabrel has been married for 52 years, married for 48 years and has always made his wife his muse. In the shadow of the singer, Mariette Cabrel, who also runs her own business, has been a pillar of his musical career. Francis and Mariette fell in love. The singer, known for his southwestern accent, has for years given French music an air of freshness and tenderness thanks to the songs he wrote for his beloved.

With his melodies and his guitar, he won not only the heart of his beloved, but also the passion of the public. Through his songs, he reveals a love story that spans more than 50 years, the details of which deserve to be discovered. The famous artist met the woman of his life in the south of France in April 1970 He was only 17 when he met Mariette Darjo at a fair in Buzet-sur-Baïse. The singer-songwriter is clearly in love with Mariette and has always expressed his love in song. A true muse for Francis Cabrel, she wrote the song “I love it to die” for his album “Les chemins de traverse” in 1979. In 2012, he also dedicated the song “Comme une femme”, a cover of Bob Dylan’s song “Just like a woman” from the album “Vise le ciel”. On this same album, he also produced “Queen Mary”.

In an interview, he admitted to buying the 1850s building “for its sheer beauty, except for the acoustics”. The singer is still touring until 2023, and in 2021 he said that Jean-Jacques Godman, he thinks “not too many albums and tours”.


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