In the United States, a woman gave birth to a 6.4 kg baby

In the United States, a mother gave birth to a boy with exceptional measurements. The baby weighed 6.4 kg and was 60 centimeters tall when he was born.

Cary Patonai is a mother who lives in Arizona, USA. This young woman is the mother of two children, Delven and Everett, who were born 12 and 4 years ago. When her little boys were born, they were big babies as they weighed 3 and 5 kg respectively. With her husband Tim, Cary wanted to have a third child. Unfortunately, the young woman suffered a lot to grant her wish, since she suffered 19 miscarriages throughout her life, due to a blood clotting disorder.

Finally, the young mother gave birth to her third child on October 4, 2021, a baby boy whom she called Finnley.

Moved, Cary wanted to send a message of hope to all mothers who have encountered obstacles to have a child during their life.

“I think it’s important for others to know that there is hope behind all those closed doors and that they’re not alone when they’re going through tough times ,” she said. Every woman has a different path, some are easier, some are more difficult. What matters is that we support each other with love, care and respect.»

Cary’s delivery took place by caesarean section, two weeks before the expected date. But the story of the young mother does not stop there. At birth, her third child had an exceptional peculiarity, because he weighed 6.4 kg.

An impressive weight for a baby , because a newborn weighs on average between 2.5 and 4.3 kg. With his 6 kg, Finnley had the average weight of a 9 month old baby! When Cary gave birth, the entire medical team was very impressed.

«Finnley is the biggest baby they’ve ever had ,» she said. Everyone talks about him at the hospital! Once the doctors took him out, they said he was huge. Everyone was freaking out and saying they had never seen such a big baby. The doctor and one of the nurses took selfies with us, they asked for permission of course, but they were so excited. If I had to do it again, I would do it again. It’s a real blessing.»

At this time, it is not yet known whether Finnley has broken the world record for the heaviest baby weight at birth. Research is underway to determine this.

In addition to his significant weight, Finnley was also very tall when he was born, as he was already 60 centimeters tall. Faced with this large size, her parents and the hospital staff had to adapt.

«He was so big compared to what the nurses in the maternity ward are used to, that they had to specially order size 2 nappies because they only have preemie and size 1 nappies. I wanted also that he wears clothes that we had kept from his two brothers, but they were all too small , ”said Cary Patonai.

Thus, Finnley already wears clothes suitable for babies aged 9 months. If the boy stayed a few days in intensive care at the hospital after his birth, he and his mother are doing very well today.

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