At 101, the French doctor continues to work so as not to abandon his patients

The oldest doctor in France continues to practice when he is a hundred years old. Portrait.

Remember four years ago, we were talking to you about Doctor Christian Chenay, the oldest doctor in France who continued to practice despite his advanced age.

Aged 97 at the time, the practitioner refused to retire, to the delight of his patients, with whom he had forged privileged ties over time.

Imagine that four years later, Doctor Chenay, now a centenarian, remains faithful to the post and remains more than ever the dean of French doctors, at 101 years old.

General practitioner at home, he continues to receive patients in his office in Chevilly-Larue, a town in Val-de-Marne in which he settled in… 1951, because it was “a medical desert”, according to him .

Today, no less than 432 patients still come to consult him, as he confided to our colleagues from Parisian.

One might think that the secret of his longevity lies in his passion for medicine, but it is not. By the admission of the person concerned, making a career as a doctor was not a vocation at the start.

«I did medicine by chance and if I had to do it again I wouldn’t do it again, » he told the Ile-de-France daily, adding that he had chosen this path » a bit by opportunity » after being seriously injured jumping from a moving train during World War II.

A rather incredible anecdote among many others in a life worthy of a novel.

For his record and in recognition of his work, Christian Chenay will soon receive » an honorary gift » from the Council of the College of Physicians of Val-de-Marne.

A well-deserved reward.

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