Canada: Frozen stray cat knocks on woman’s door asking her to let him in

With the Canadian cold in full swing, a frozen stray cat knocked on a woman’s door asking for her help. The feline was able to warm up inside where he received a well-deserved burst of love.

This story dates back to February 2020.

On Valentine’s Day, a Quebecer heard meows coming from her garden. At this time of year, a blanket of snow covered the entire city. The young woman discovered a frozen stray cat standing in the snow.

According to him, the feline with the red coat gave a paw on his door, as if the animal needed his help. Faced with this situation, the Canadian decided to offer him a cozy shelter for the evening. At the same time, the woman who works as a volunteer in an association contacted Marie Simard, the founder of Un chat à la fois.

After receiving the photo of the hairball, the director decided to take her under her wing: “As soon as I saw her photo, it broke my heart. I told him to take him to our partner clinic to be examined. His face said a lot about his state of health. He stayed behind the door for a long time, and when I told him to take it, he didn’t even try to run away,” she told The Dodo news site.

And the least we can say is that the cat needed medical attention. The latter was covered in bites, fleas, ticks and chilblains. A series of examinations revealed that the poor beast also suffered from diabetes. If the cat hadn’t asked for help, it would never have survived the freezing winter.

Luckily, the cat — named Aslan — regained his strength after a few days of treatment. He was then placed in a foster home where he bonded with his new mom’s cats. Very quickly, Aslan got used to his new warm lifestyle: “He’s a very affectionate cat. He likes to sleep close to his adoptive mother ,” confided Marie Simard.

Eventually, Aslan was adopted by his loving mom because she didn’t want to separate him from other cats, especially Cleo: “He slept right next to her and groomed her, and she groomed him too. It made sense for them to stay together. After all, they had both had a rough start to life .

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