At 40, she decides to have a baby on her own and is doing wonderfully

In the United States, a 40-year-old woman has realized her dearest wish: to become the mother of an adorable baby boy.

Michele Elizaga has always dreamed of starting a family with the right person. But Prince Charming never showed up, and the young woman got tired of waiting. The year of her 40th birthday, the latter decided to have a baby on her own.

At the time, Michele knew the risks of a late pregnancy for herself and the child. Three years ago she had intrauterine insemination. Luckily, this first attempt was a real success since the forties became pregnant.

In 2020, Michele gave birth to an adorable baby boy with Down syndrome. On the day of delivery, she underwent an emergency caesarean section under general anesthesia. Regarding her son’s disability, Michele decided to accept it and move on. She considers that Mathew chose to be her son for a reason.

Obviously, the daily life of a single mom is not an easy task, but Michele can count on the support of those close to her. And the least we can say is that fatigue and stress fly away as soon as she sets eyes on Mathew. Mother and son are inseparable and do a lot of activities together like hiking.

Despite the ups and downs, Michele is currently playing the best role of her life. As a single mother, she knows that her child’s happiness rests in her hands. And the latter does everything possible to make him happy. Besides his mom, Mathew is surrounded by a loving family who love to take care of him.

When she finds herself alone, Michele indulges in writing and shares posts on Instagram, where she shares her doubts. This little parenthesis is a breath of fresh air. She also asks other moms for advice when she has to make important decisions.

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