This cash transport company worker disappeared with 8 8 million euros in small bills

A woman, working for a cash transport company, is actively wanted in Germany after having stolen more than eight million euros before disappearing without a trace. Narrative.

With the possible exception of football fans, who will see an allusion to a famous German midfielder, the name Gündogan certainly does not mean much to you.

And yet, it is the surname of one of the most wanted people in Europe today!

For the past few days, a certain Yasemin Gündogan has indeed been hunted down by the German police and its neighboring countries after having carried out what the robbers commonly call the perfect shot.

Aged 28, this employee of a security guard, based in Bremen (Germany), thus evaporated into the wild with a loot of… eight million euros.

Employee of a cash courier, she disappears into the wild with … eight million euros in small denominations
According to the German daily Bild, the young woman’s mission was to pack small bills and store them in boxes so that they could be transported by a carrier, with the aim of supplying ATMs in bank branches.

So far, nothing out of the ordinary!

Only here, on May 21, Yasemin Gündogan slipped the money into bags instead of putting it in the dedicated boxes, then threw this loot in a container usually reserved for waste collection.

She then recovered the stolen money a little later before disappearing into the wild, aboard a Mercedes van rented in Berlin, but whose license plates had been changed.

Investigators who are tracking her believe she has already crossed the border and a report has been sent to European countries that have adopted the SIS (Schengen Information System), a police cooperation file used by certain member countries of the European Union. .

It could be that a large local crime family, which owns a shisha bar in which the young woman previously worked, is involved in this theft as stealthy as it is spectacular.

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