“The Egyptians had electricity since Antique times”: Maître Gims reinvents History and becomes the laughingstock of the internet

For the past few days, the declarations of Maître Gims on History have caused a lot of talk on social networks. Many criticize him for reinventing and rewriting history, while others choose to laugh at it.

» It’s the future normally with us […] at the time of the Kush empire, there was electricity «, declared Maître Gims at the microphone of the OuiHustle program, on Youtube, where he was invited two weeks ago.

Hidden behind his dark glasses, the rapper indulged in some surprising reinterpretations of history . He thus compared Africa to the kingdom of … Wakanda. This fictional kingdom in the Black Panther universe is a technologically advanced country that attracts the attention of outside forces, especially for its resources.

The singer continued by indicating that the pyramids of Egypt have gold at their top: “ The pyramids that we see, at the top there is gold. Gold is the best conductor for electricity… They were bloody antennas! People had electricity. The Egyptians, the science they had, it goes beyond understanding .

In addition to the pyramids of Egypt, Master Gims also delivered his interpretation on chivalry: “ Africa populated Europe before the Europeans. They were called Afropeans. They were decimated by the ‘true Europeans’ who came from Asia, he said. […] 50,000 years before the Europeans, we already had the notion of chivalry. They want us to believe that our story began with a sweaty rowing slave ship. No ”.

It was enough for the singer to be accused of conspiracy. Some Internet users have recalled that Maître Gims is an influence for many young people who take what he says for granted.

Other Internet users, like Booba , his best enemy, preferred to use humor to make fun of the singer’s historical theories.

What an embarrassing situation!

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