South Africa: This wildlife photographer befriended a family of meerkats

South African wildlife photographer and conservationist Nick Kleer has encountered many majestic animals in his career. But he seems to have formed a special bond with a group of meerkats. And recently, one of his very endearing interactions with these curious curious creatures went viral.

A Twitter user named Jess first shared the video in April, noting with a hint of amusement that «when you’re a wildlife photographer, the goal is to blend in with your surroundings, so you don’t scare the animals away.» » . And if blending in with the background is really the main objective, then the least we can say is that the wildlife photographer really excelled at his job.

Indeed, the extract shows Nick Kleer lying on the ground with his camera while a meerkat stands on top of his head. Very quickly, we can see that several of them make their appearance. Far from being frightened by whoever has entered their habitat, the meerkats seem quite at ease and interact with him as if he were part of the natural landscape. They even use it as a point of support to have a better panoramic view of the surroundings.

This is far from Nick Kleer’s first interaction with these mammals native to South Africa . The wildlife photographer has posted several other photos and videos of himself with his furry meerkat friends, and it looks like they’ve formed a pretty strong bond over their time together.

“As you can see, I got close to these incredible little animals. It’s an experience I won’t forget and an absolute privilege to get to know them,” Nick Kleer shared in an Instagram post. In another, he even called them «the cutest creatures on the planet», and seeing them, we really are not far from thinking the same thing!

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