A mare and her filly miraculously survive a rare operation

In Ariège, a mare survived an operation that was badly boarded, during which she gave birth to a filly in poor condition, but who also survived. A miracle !

In the stables of Lou Bayle, in Ariège, it was a real fright that preceded an immense relief. On March 28, Mélina and her husband, who take care of the stables, were alerted by the moans of the 16-year-old mare Adara PM.

The mare tries to give birth but struggles fiercely with the pain. The first foot comes out but after ten minutes, still, no second foot, which worries the breeder: “Something was wrong” she regrets.

The veterinarian present on the spot then makes a terrible observation: “There is nothing we can do”. It was then that Mélina decided to bring her mare to the horse clinic in Granada, in Haute-Garonne: “The possibility that the foal was alive on arrival was low. Especially since there was a two-hour drive” .

The mare is taken care of in absolute urgency by half a dozen professionals who perform a Caesarean section. If the caesarean is a common recourse for the human being, it is a very risky operation for the horse , a particularly fragile animal.

«We don’t even understand that she is alive»
“They had done three before mine. The foals were dead each time. They wanted to try. And against all odds, they succeeded. Both are alive. We were able to rely on our experience and on capable people. But we were also extremely lucky,” says Mélina.

According to specialists, it is a real miracle that the filly, named Nova, is still alive: “The little one should have been dead for several days. I contacted a large veterinary clinic in Belgium. We were told: ‘We don’t even understand that she is alive’” .

The mare and her filly, who was resuscitated and then intubated after birth, were able to return home but must stay away for three months. On the team’s Facebook page, the news is rather good for Nova, who is seen with his neck wrapped in a white bandage to protect the catheter. She turns around in the enclosure and suckles her mother without restraint, under the constant observation of her breeder.

“She shows no pain. I am amazed, dazzled by nature. We will therefore continue the care and the future will tell us if miracles exist” hopes Mélina, who has launched an online kitty to amortize the cost of the operation.

“The clinic has made a gesture of -10% but we are still at more than 9,000 euros… Doing what we have done is an economic aberration… We are getting into a little more trouble. But humanly, I could not do otherwise” .

So far, the kitty has raised more than 4,700 euros, more than half of the amount they must recover to pay for the operation. A solidarity that touches Mélina a lot.

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