Dad’s viral birthday request for his autistic son, this little one had no friends

People with autism, especially those with more severe types, may have difficulty forming friendships.

The fact that the young man was so eager to make friends was the last straw for his parents.

His father decided to make an effort to fulfill this request on his son’s birthday. That’s how it happened.

Kevin Harrison and Catherine Harrison read their son Daniel’s Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) the day before his birthday.

This is part of the UK government’s initiative to assess the needs of its citizens with disabilities. Daniel has severe autism, so they get this report.

There is space for Daniel to reflect on his life and list his goals and aspirations in the report. Here he expressed a desire to learn the skills necessary to drive a motor vehicle and communicate with others.

What really hurt his parents was the second wish. According to Kevin, Daniel’s case of autism is at the ends of the spectrum.

He can communicate, but his responses are always the same. Talking to people isn’t easy, and starting conversations with them is even harder.

He spent most of his life playing alone and with no enthusiasm for socializing. However, it seems that is no longer the case.

Danielle’s fifteenth birthday was approaching and Kevin wanted to do something special for her. The father took to Twitter to explain his son’s plight and thank him for one of his requests.

She later took to Twitter asking for help in her mission to shower her son with love on his 18th birthday.

“It’s my child Daniel. He wrote: “I am profoundly autistic. «He doesn’t seem to have any friends.» His special day has arrived.

One of his goals in life was to get a driver’s license and another was to meet new people. Send her birthday wishes. Show him with love that he is important to you. I beg of you, “Please share! »

Kevin realized that maybe some of his followers would respond because they know him and his son.

He had no idea that so many people would send their best wishes from all over the world and some of them would be famous and influential. He and Catherine were caught off guard.

The tweet quickly received retweets, favorites and comments, eventually becoming the most discussed topic in the United States. A fairly famous person was largely responsible for this influence.

Yes, Star Wars’ Mark Hamill got the message and gave his approval. A total of 17,000 people liked her tweet, making her one of the first celebrities to react.

Future Star Wars Luke Skywalker wrote: As the number of celebrities tweeting about the cause grew, the message spread even further.

Russell Crowe, Sharon Stone and Ariel Winter were among the celebrities who spoke out. Many of the thousands and thousands of comments came not just from celebrities, but from other parents of autistic children.

Most of all, they just wanted to let Daniel know he had friends all over the world and he wasn’t alone.

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