They were preparing to become a priest and a nun, when something changed in their lives

Falling in love is the best thing that can happen in life. Love is a deep and unique feeling that can manifest in many ways, and everyone chooses the path that suits them. There are those who start a family thanks to the meeting of a special partner, and those who, on the other hand, feel a strong attachment to religion and decide to put their life at its service. This is what happened to the two people in this story: a man and a woman who were preparing to become a priest and a sister, when something changed in their lives.
Tomás and Massiel are two young Mexicans who devoted much of their youth to religious formation.

They both felt it was their way and firmly wanted to dedicate their lives to God. So they set to work and studied as much as they could to prepare for their mission. For seven long years, they followed this path, put on their religious clothes and worked in different ways in contact with people.

As each went their own way, the young people got to know each other. Until then nothing strange, they met, they established a good working relationship, but their exchanges were infrequent.

But fate always knows how to surprise us, and that’s what happened to them. After years of religious work, Tomás felt that something was changing. His desires were no longer the same and he gradually realized that this daily life was not made for him. This is why he chose to leave his religious habit and start a new life. Then, without knowing it, he discovers that the exact same thing happened to Massiel and decides to contact her again.

The young woman felt the same way for a long time and finally understood that the best thing to do was to leave the monastic life. The two young people remained in close contact, discussed the situation they had experienced for a long time, until something else was born out of a simple friendship.

«I started to look at her differently, says Tomás, I noticed her smile, her eyes and her new way of dressing, and I was captivated. We started talking and talking and I was just watching her.” This is how they gradually fell in love. The fact that they took off their religious clothes had nothing to do with the mutual feeling.

The love between them didn’t blossom until later, but obviously fate had it that way and walking in that direction was the way to meet. After all, when two people are destined to spend their lives together, nothing can ever stop them. This is what happened for them and it only remains for us to wish them a good life together.

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