Teacher tapes 11-year-old student’s mouth shut to stop him talking in class

In North Carolina, a mother received a shocking photo sent by her 11-year-old son: in the image, the child had his mouth taped with several layers of adhesive tape.

Talkative students are common in school because it is sometimes difficult for them to concentrate and resist the urge to chat with their peers instead of listening in class. This attitude is common and often reprimanded by teachers, who do not hesitate to hand out punishments .

Brady, an 11-year-old student living in North Carolina, experienced it. However, his teacher didn’t just reprimand him as she put several layers of duct tape over his mouth. This dubious method was used by this teacher to silence her most talkative students. Humiliated, the child took a selfie which he sent to his mother.

When she received the photo, Catherine Webster, the mother, was in shock. In the image, Brady can be seen with multiple layers of thick, blue duct tape over his mouth, preventing him from speaking. This photo was accompanied by a message from the little boy that read: «I don’t know what to do.»

Shocked, Catherine confessed that Brady was a «talkative mill» and that he had «a tendency to clown around» but according to her, there was no justification for such punishment.

«I want to know who will be held responsible, so that this does not happen again ,» she said.

This is not the first time that such an event has occurred because according to Brady’s words entrusted to his mother, the teacher had already used adhesive tape against his students. Furious, the child’s mother reported the incident to the school principal and an investigation was carried out.

«We can confirm that whenever such allegations arise, our administration responds quickly, investigating the allegations and at times, removing staff from classrooms pending the completion of a thorough investigation,» the officials said . Johnson County Public Schools.

Investigators interviewed other students who also allegedly received the same treatment. According to the children’s accounts, the teacher also used adhesive tape to bind their wrists and prevent them from moving. Other parents have come forward with similar accusations against the teacher.

However, investigators have reportedly not gathered enough evidence to bring a criminal case against the teacher. The authorities, however, deprived her of her visa, thus preventing her from working in the United States. Thus, the professor decided to resign.

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