Seeing his pal unable to buy lunch, the schoolboy made a genius move

Kayden Taipalus, a third-grader from Michigan, looks forward to lunch in the school cafeteria with his classmates, just like other kids his age.

When it turned out that his friend couldn’t buy his own lunch in the school cafeteria due to insufficient funds and unpaid debts from previous meals, he was shocked.

He returned home discouraged and angry at what he saw in the school cafeteria.

Cayden asked his mother Amber what he could do to help his classmate with lunch. Then they came up with an ingenious plan to fix the problem.

Pay It Forward: No Kids Goes Hungry is the name of a fundraising initiative that mother and son dreamed up together.

The main objective of this charity website is to raise enough funds to pay off his friend’s food debts so that he never has to go without a hot meal again.

Kaidan then asked his family, friends and neighbors if they were willing to contribute financially to the noble cause he had imagined.

Kaidan scoured his neighborhood to collect items that his neighbor could recycle and then resell to further contribute to his friend’s well-being.

As soon as Kayden had the necessary amount of money, he immediately paid his friend’s overdue lunch bills.

Cayden managed to raise a total of around $7,000, which he used to buy hot lunches at school for more than 300 students whose families do not have the financial means to support them.

Kaidan says he fully intends to continue his charity work to ensure that no student ever has to worry about where they will find their next meal.

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