This incredibly strong armor is a great protection for this marine snail

Scientists have discovered a species that is surprising to say the least: a marine snail that has metallic scales, which allow it to protect itself from the outside world.

Scientists have discovered a sea snail with metal armor, made of iron. This animal has metallic scales, which serve it both as protection against enemies, but also against the seabed.

The snail was discovered in the depths of the sea, since this animal crawls on the ocean floor.

The scales of the marine snail allow it to live in extreme conditions. Indeed, the animal lives on hot vents, where very toxic chemicals are found. In this area, temperatures can approach 300 degrees, which is why the snail needs its metal scales to protect itself.

Although these animals are sturdy thanks to their metal armor, they are no less in danger. Marine snails are threatened due to human activity, as their habitats are coveted by mining industries in search of gold, silver, precious or rare metals.

If these areas were damaged, it could cause the disappearance of sea snails. The latter could, in the long term, integrate the red list of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and be part of the endangered species.

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