A 76% disabled athlete completes a marathon in less than 6 hours, setting a record

A disabled sportsman has achieved an incredible feat this weekend in Catalonia.

It’s a real feat and a great life lesson!

Alex Roca Campillo, 32, became on Sunday March 19 the first athlete with a 76% disability to run a full marathon in Barcelona (Spain).

Suffering since childhood from cerebral palsy following encephalitis, this Catalan completed the 42.195 km race in 5 hours, 50 minutes and 51 seconds.

Disabled at 76%, he manages to complete a marathon in less than 6 hours, unheard of
Despite his disability, which makes the entire left part of his body immobile, Alex Roca Campillo has therefore been able to find the physical and mental resources to succeed in his incredible bet.

It must be said that the boy is a real sportsman who is not afraid of anything. It is indeed not his first feat of its kind since he has already run two half-marathons this year. And that’s not all. A regular at breathtaking performances, he has also successfully participated in 5 triathlons, an aquathlon or even a prestigious mountain bike race in the desert in the past.

To succeed in completing his Barcelona marathon, he had followed a particular program, concocted by a psychologist and a nutritionist.

This paid off, propelling the disabled athlete into another dimension with this monumental feat.

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