Called to a fire, this firefighter discovers it is his house and fails to save his family

A firefighter had a nightmare when he was called to his own house fire.

There is nothing worse than watching helplessly as your loved ones die.

This kind of terrible situation, from which it is difficult to recover, is what an American firefighter has just experienced when he was unable to help his family during a terrible fire .

This tragic story took place on March 7 in the city of Chicago (Illinois), reports the American channel CBS News .

A firefighter called on an intervention realizes that it is his house which is in flames
That day, firefighter Walter Stewart is on duty when an emergency call reports a fire ravaging a home northwest of town.

While he is not scheduled to go to this intervention, Walter still takes his place in one of the vehicles which quickly rushes towards the scene, because the fire has caught in the neighborhood where he lives with his family.

Surely animated by a bad feeling, he quickly realizes that it is indeed his house, as the truck gets closer to the fire.

Immediately on the spot, the soldier of the fire will rush inside the building, prey to the flames , to try to rescue his wife and his three children, in vain.

Extracted from the house on fire, the four victims are however rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

Alas, none of them will survive.

The day after the fire, Walter’s youngest son, aged 7, died of his injuries. As for his mother, who was 36, she died a few hours later.

Already a widower and bereaved by the disappearance of his son and his wife, Walter will have the sadness of losing his last two children, aged 9 and 2 respectively, who will in turn succumb two days later.

According to the first elements of the investigation, each of the victims died after inhaling the smoke from the fire.

A terrible drama.

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