Australian farmers discover their calf has smile-shaped spots

In Australia, an adorable calf has become the superstar in a farm. The reason ? The little bovine has spots in the shape of a smiling smiley face on its black and white coat.

Megan and Barry Coster, an Australian farming couple, raise about 700 calves a year in the old town of Ripplebrook (State of Victoria, Australia ) . Last March, a small bovine particularly caught the attention of its owners. The reason ? The mammal sports smiley-faced patches on its black and white dress, Australian broadcaster ABC reports .

The owners of the premises made this adorable discovery in mid-March 2023. While inspecting his dairy cows and other animals, Barry Coster noticed the physical peculiarity of the animal.

He realized that his calf had four black spots forming a «smiling smiley» on its left flank. And the least we can say is that the brand looks strangely like a Monster Munch.

“We’ve seen numbers sevens or hearts on the head and some weird markings, but we’ve never seen anything that looks like a smiley before ,” Megan Coster told the news site.

Since then, the young Holstein has become a real superstar on the farm. It must be said that his face is simply chewable. Unlike its congeners, the hairball will not be bred to produce milk.
As the British daily newspaper The Telegraph clarifies , Holstein will become a “pet”:

» Some of our employees want to keep him as a pet and as a ‘lawnmower’ in their yard ,» the couple told local media. He’s going to stick around for a while .»

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