As their village does not have a swimming pool, spouses have a pool installed at their home and open it to the public

In England, a couple built an indoor public swimming pool in their garden after growing tired of the lack of local infrastructure.

Bhavika Kane, 43, and her husband Mark, 47, moved into Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire ( England ), in November 2021. And the least we can say is that the spouses had struggling to adapt to life in the countryside.

The couple particularly faced the lack of amenities and the lack of local infrastructure. For example, the mother had to make a 50-minute round trip to take her children to the swimming pool.

Faced with this situation, Bhavika Kane and her husband decided to build an indoor public swimming pool in their garden .

They are building a swimming pool open to the public
Unsurprisingly, the swimming pool — which opened its doors last December — attracts a large number of people. In total, entry to the swimming pool costs 6 pounds sterling per hour (about 6.80 euros).

A former nurse, Bhavika explains to the British daily that the transition to rural life opened her eyes: “ I was born and raised in Nottingham, where everything is close at hand ”.

Today, business is booming and customers come from far and wide to swim at “Swim Blue”. “ We are not excluding anyone. We welcome everyone, from babies to 80-year-olds ,” the pool owner told British daily Metro.
One thing is certain: Bhavika and Mark have spared no expense: the pool has a special filtration unit that pumps in fresh air to reduce the smell of chlorine.

With a depth of 1.20 m, it is tested monthly and heated to 31-32 degrees Celsius. It’s an unconventional set up, but Bhavika isn’t bothered by the presence of a public swimming pool in her home.

» It doesn’t bother me at all ,» she said. » The swimming schools are there almost every night and we don’t disturb anyone .»

“ We have drawn up our own swimming pool rules and we ask people to comply with them. Our swimming pool undergoes microbiological tests every month, and the water is crystal clear ”.

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