Teenage girl gets her dream prom dress thanks to the kindness of the shop owner

Recently, an American teenager who drove six hours to find an outfit for her prom was offered the dress of her dreams by the owner of the boutique.

Summer Lucille is the owner of «Juicy Body Goddess», a women’s ready-to-wear boutique for plus sizes. Recently, she decided to give a princess dress to a teenager who couldn’t afford it.

As People magazine reports, Elyse Monroe drove her family six hours to find an outfit for her prom . On the spot, the young girl tried on several dresses before setting her sights on a magnificent purple dress.

» When she put on that purple dress, her face lit up ,» the North Carolina-based store owner said. But this enchanted parenthesis ended when the client discovered the price of the dress: 700 dollars (about 650 euros).

The problem? Elyse’s mother could not exceed her budget of 400 dollars (370 euros).

Shop owner turns into fairy godmother
Faced with this situation, Summer Lucille simply decided to offer the dress to the teenager.

“ I want people to feel good ”, explained the young woman to the American information site. I know what it’s like not to find something to wear ”. Her goal is to create a safe place and reassure customers.

“ Prom is a whole new level of excitement and joy (…) I had a horrible time at my prom (…) The dress I was wearing was horrible. It was a very sad time in my life ,” the manager said.

Before adding: “ The fact of dressing these girls is a form of therapy for me ”.

For her part, the 18-year-old high school student is impatiently awaiting the end of the year ball, scheduled for next April. One thing is certain: she will never forget her time at “Juicy Body Goddess”:

» Shopping is usually quite stressful for me, so I buy my clothes mostly online, but we laughed the whole time .»

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