She forbids her mother to see her grandchild because the latter refused to look after her

In a testimony, a woman explains that her mother no longer has the right to see her child. The reason ? The latter never offered to keep her son.

It’s well known: some grandparents are tired of babysitting their grandchildren depending on the parents’ availability. It must be said that the job of nanny is not an easy exercise as it is tiring, especially for retirees.

And the least we can say is that this situation can sow discord within a family. The testimony of this Internet user is the perfect example. In a long message, she explains that her mother no longer has the right to see her child because the latter has never offered to keep her son.

The mother of an eight-month-old baby has been battling postpartum depression since giving birth. In addition, the mother — who works full time — goes twice a week to her sick mother-in-law to take care of her with her husband.

Unsurprisingly, her busy daily life does not allow her to rest as she would like: “ I don’t have many friends in the state where we live, and I feel alone. I haven’t had a free day or evening since Jack was born ,” she wrote in her post.

Still according to him, his mother, who lives an hour away, has never offered to help with anything: “ We have always had a very good relationship. She was a loving and devoted stay-at-home mother (…) Today, she spends her days doing yoga and seeing friends ”.

One thing is certain, her attitude deeply hurt the young woman: “ I asked her several times if she could baby-sit or run errands, but she always said no ”.

Mother and daughter reached a breaking point a week before the wedding ceremony of one of the author’s friends.

» My best friend is getting married next weekend in a state that is two hours away by plane (…) Children are not allowed because the place is not safe (…) After a month of research , we finally found a babysitter (…) But the latter canceled at the last moment. I’ve spent the past three days calling childcare agencies with no success, ” the user shared.

Before adding: “ I finally explained my despair to my mother and asked her if she could keep Jack for 24 hours (…) I begged her in tears, but she said no. She had a yoga class that she didn’t want to cancel .

The mother’s refusal was the straw that broke the camel’s back. As a result, little Jack’s mom made the choice to cut ties with her family: «I know my mom has no obligation to help us, but she shouldn’t expect to see my son either. «.

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