Funeral of Agnès Lassalle: the farewell of her husband, dancing in front of the coffin, moves the whole of France

Stéphane Voirin, the husband of the teacher who was stabbed to death, turned the canvas upside down with an improvised dance during his wife’s funeral.

The image is overwhelming, both beautiful and sad!

As the funeral of Agnès Lassalle, the teacher murdered in Saint-Jean-de-Luz (Pyrénées-Atlantiques), was coming to an end, her husband Stéphane Voirin improvised a dance on the forecourt of the Sainte-Eugenie church of Biarritz, to bid him a final farewell.

The improvised dance of Agnès Lassalle’s husband moves the web
After sketching these few steps in front of the coffin, to an air of Nat King Cole, he was quickly joined by relatives who, in turn, paid him a magnificent tribute.

The scene took place under the tender gaze of hundreds of people who came to attend this funeral , placed under the sign of emotion after the tragedy.

The video of this spontaneous choreography deeply moved the country as evidenced by the many reactions of anonymous people and other public figures observed on social networks.

As a reminder, Agnès Lassalle, 53, was stabbed to death by one of her students on February 22 at the Saint-Thomas-d’Aquin Catholic high school in Saint-Jean-de-Luz.

Indicted for «murder» and then placed in pre-trial detention in the process, this 16-year-old teenager would have mentioned » a little voice that speaks to him » to justify his action.

The prosecution opened an investigation for “premeditated murder” and the investigation was entrusted to the Bayonne judicial police service.

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