A small white tiger “in a terrible state” found under a garbage can

In Athens, Greece, a 4-month-old white tiger cub was found under a trash can in «terrible condition». He was rescued by the Athens Zoological Park, AFP tells us.

The rarity and surprise of the discovery are only equaled by the sadness following this unfortunate find in a street in Athens. A white tiger cub , a four-month-old female, was found abandoned under a garbage can.

The poor animal, paralyzed at the waist, was taken care of by the zoological park of Athens. The founder of the park, Jean-Jacques Lesueur, revealed to the Greek daily Proto Thema, that the mystery was total as to its origin: “No one knows where it comes from or how it got there. She is in a terrible state” .

White tiger, a genetic anomaly
White tigers are a very rare species because according to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), none exist in the wild. White tigers have a “genetic anomaly” called leucism that gives them this black-striped white coat.

They are usually the result of inbreeding, which exposes them to a multitude of health problems at birth.

The abandoned white tiger was therefore collected by the Attica Zoological Park, which hosts more than 2,000 animals of 290 different species. Last year, this park was at the heart of a controversy following the escape of a chimpanzee during opening hours. This misadventure had led the authorities to unfortunately put down the monkey for reasons of public safety.

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