To avoid the retirement home, he places his 83-year-old father in a garden studio next to his house

Patrick Chastenet is a man who decided to install a small wooden studio in his garden, in order to accommodate his aging father and thus avoid him the retirement home.

Patrick Chastenet lives in France with his wife, Marie-Laure, and his 83-year-old father. When he could no longer live alone, the old man did not want to go to a nursing home. In addition, the costs of living in these specialized establishments are sometimes very high, since Patrick would have had to pay 2,000 euros per month to accommodate his father in a retirement home .

«He didn’t want to go back to a retirement home or an apartment. The house did not lend itself to having so many people, we had to find an alternative , ”explained Marie-Laure Chastenet.

Patrick and Marie-Laure then decided to invest in a small wooden studio, which they installed in their garden. In total, the construction of this chalet cost them 37,000 euros.

A garden studio for the elderly
The wooden studio has an area of ​​15 square meters and has a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom. The chalet has been specially fitted out for the well-being of Patrick’s father, and it is designed to be able to move around inside in a wheelchair. The sanitary facilities are also suitable for the elderly or people with reduced mobility.

Thanks to this adapted accommodation, the old man can maintain his independence and autonomy, while remaining close to his family.

“He is both at home and with us. He has his independence but if there is a problem, there is only 5 meters to go to see him ,” confided Patrick Chastenet.

Today, more and more people decide to build a garden studio next to their house, to receive friends, accommodate elderly people or set up an office. In addition to avoiding paying for a retirement home , this alternative helps to strengthen family ties.

Before living in this garden studio, Patrick’s father lived several hundred kilometers from his son. Today he can spend more time with his family and enjoy his grandchildren.

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