The man who spent 14,000 euros to become a dog just bought a giant cage to sleep in

Do you remember this Japanese man who paid 14,000 euros for a hyper-realistic dog costume? This lover of our four-legged friends has gone further by offering himself a cage in which to sleep.

Toco, his pseudonym on social networks, was talked about in 2022 after realizing his dream: that of becoming a dog . Now inseparable from his overpriced costume , the Japanese recounts his daily life to his subscribers on his Youtube channel.

Recently, Toco unveiled his new house, a dog crate in order to better marry his daily life as a canine.

In his video, Toco explains that when he puts on his dog costume, he is » locked in a cage «. No exception for Toco who goes through what any dog ​​goes through on a daily basis.


We then see the Nippon settle in his cage for the night and scratch at the bars begging to get out. This intriguing video attracted 20,000 curious people who discovered Toco’s nights.

Many Internet users support Toco’s initiative. In comments, they are many to encourage him to pursue his dream whatever the price.

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