Six years after her disappearance, this dog finds her owner thanks to an incredible stroke of luck

At the end of February, a woman found her dog six years after she disappeared. The animal was recognized thanks to its identification chip.

The day of Friday March 3 was placed under the sign of emotion for a woman. The reason ? She found her dog six years after her disappearance, reports the SPA of Caubeyres (Lot-et-Garonne) in a Facebook post.

It all started on February 28 when a man came to the shelter with a little dog named Soka. According to the statements of the walker, the doggie had been wandering in the village for several days.

Luckily, the hairball could be identified by the staff of the establishment thanks to its identification chip. It was in this context that the employees discovered that the cane corso type dog had been declared lost since 2017.

The dog finds her mistress six years later
Unsurprisingly, the SPA hastened to contact the owner of the animal: » She did not expect it, we felt the tremolos in her voice «, indicated Jonathan Gadiffert, vice-president of the SPA of 47, to the Republican.

According to the owner, Soka would have been stolen in 2017: “ She hoped every day to find her and had never lost hope ”, explains the association. As the post states, the quadruped found his beloved mistress on Friday, March 3.

For its part, the SPA recalled the importance of identification: “ A story filled with emotion which recalls, in addition to the obligatory nature, the importance of having your animals identified ”, can we read in the post.

“ If Soka had not been identified, she would have gone directly to the pound and they would have had no way of contacting her owner who has moved to the other end of France in the meantime…” .

All’s well That ends well.

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