Bothered by the smell, the woman and her neighbors alert the authorities, who discover that she lives with… 800 rats

The disaster was discovered in a house in Germany, where a woman lived with 800 rats. The rodents were taken care of by the veterinary services.

Notice to people suffering from musophobia (fear of mice and rats): this article may give you cold sweats. The reason? In Germany, a woman lived with almost 800 rats in a single-family house in Wissen a der Sieg, in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

As several media report, the veterinary services dispatched to the scene have already taken care of 400 rodents last week. The remaining 400 mammals will be recovered during a new operation carried out with the help of private animal protection organisations.

Several neighbors had notified veterinary services because of the smell. Therefore, a question arises on everyone’s lips: how could this have happened? Also according to the media, the owner of the animals was completely overwhelmed by the situation.

The rescued animals were collected by various associations active in animal protection, where they received the necessary veterinary care. Note that several females were pregnant. Charges against the woman are pending.

In 2020, a similar story happened in our region, more precisely in the Cité des Tilleuls in Marseille. A man lived for months with hundreds of rats in his HLM, except that the latter was unaware that the rodents had taken up residence between his partitions.

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