In the United States, a two-year-old child was found safe and sound the day after his disappearance

In the United States, a two-year-old boy who disappeared on Thursday, February 23 was found safe and sound by a former US Marine officer the next morning.

On Friday 24 February, the city of Brooksville, in the State of Florida (United States), was the scene of a moving scene: a two-year-old boy, who had disappeared the day before, was found safe and sound.

As the Daily Mail specifies, little Joshua was last seen Thursday morning around 10 a.m. The latter was playing with his dogs in the yard while his mother slept inside.

Once awake, the mother of the family spent about an hour looking for him before alerting the authorities. A wanted notice was sent out across the state. The disappearance of the boy mobilized search teams, police officers, helicopters and more than 500 volunteers.

Also according to the British daily, the search was interrupted in the evening to allow the police to use infrared cameras to search the area, in vain.

The resumption of research began at sunrise on Friday morning. Miraculously, Joshua was found in the woods, 800 meters from the family home by a former US Marine officer, a certain Roy Link.

“He came back safe and sound, thank God”
Asked by local media, the pensioner explained that the boy was so scared that he did not want to let go.

“ I was hoping and praying for a miracle. I certainly wasn’t expecting one, but I think a lot of people were praying and prayer works ,” Hernando County Sheriff Al Nienhuis said.

Today, the boy is regaining strength with his family: » He came back safe and sound, thank God ,» Joshua’s dad said on social media. Note that the infant’s body was covered in nettle stings.

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