He hears a young girl screaming in a park and subdues her attacker until the police arrive

In Australia, a father rescued a young girl who had been sexually assaulted. Hearing the screams of the teenager, he rushed towards her and subdued his attacker until the police arrived.

Nick Kennon is a father of six who lives in Melbourne, Australia. This Friday, February 10, he was in a city park when he heard the cries of a young girl, who alerted him. Immediately, he followed the sound of her voice to find her.

“I noticed young girls playing in the park and thought it was great, then they started acting strange and I thought something was up. My instinct kicked in and I went to see. I ran to the other side of the lake and when I saw what was happening I had to stop it,” he said.

The young woman, aged 18, was in the park around 7 p.m. when a 21-year-old man tackled her to the ground, holding her by the throat, and took off her underwear.

He overpowers the aggressor
Alone, Nick Kennon managed to subdue the assailant and held him for more than five minutes until the police arrived.

“He was trying to run away but I wanted to make sure he didn’t. I wanted him to be held accountable for his actions ,” Nick Kennon said.

Thanks to this courageous father, the 18-year-old young woman is safe and sound. She was examined by paramedics and since she was not physically injured, she was not taken to hospital. This act of bravery is not without consequences for Nick Kennon, who has had difficulty falling asleep since the incident, marked by the scene.

“The sounds of screaming, I still can’t get them out of my head. I’m glad I did what I did. I haven’t been able to sleep well yet, it still worries me quite strongly , ”he said.

Nick Kennon claimed he was no hero and just did the right thing in this situation. The attacker was arrested by the police and charged with attempted rape, sexual and unlawful assault. He was taken into custody.

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