At 99, he gets his master’s degree in philosophy and becomes the oldest graduate in Italy

This is the great story of the day! A man has graduated from university when he is almost… centenarian. Details.

Better late than never!

This is surely what Giuseppe Paterno must have said to himself, a man from Sicily who has just obtained a master’s degree in history and philosophy at the canonical age of… 99, according to the transalpine daily La Repubblica.

He obtained a master’s degree in philosophy and history at the age of… 99

The nonagenarian graduated with flying colors, recovering at the same time the record of the oldest graduate student in Italy. He had indeed already obtained this honorary title two years ago, by validating a license in the same subjects, before losing this status in favor of another person.

Born in Palermo in 1923 into a poor family, Giuseppe always dreamed of studying during his childhood, but he couldn’t afford it.

The eldest of seven children, he grew up near the historic market of Capo and had to stop school quite early, at the age of 7, to work and thus help his parents to provide for the needs of the family.

After helping his father in the family brewery, Giuseppe was then an errand boy before being hired by the national railway company from 1942, after serving in the navy during the Second World War.

He will remain there for 42 years before taking a well-deserved retirement, during which he will resume his studies with the success that we know.

Giuseppe is not just a model student since he has just finished, in parallel with his studies, the writing of a book devoted to Pope Gregory the Great and there is no doubt that he still has other projects full of head. At his age, he seems to have no limits.

“It’s never too late to realize your dreams ,” he said upon receiving his diploma.

We can hardly fault him/

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