US Cop Rescues Injured Puppy, Gives Her Lifetime Shelter

This is the great story of the day: a policeman rescued an injured dog before offering him shelter for life. Today, the canine lives happy days with his adoptive family.

Cuteness alert!

In early January 2021, US officer Matthew O’Hanlon crossed paths with a puppy in an industrial area in Mont Laurel, New Jersey. Very quickly, the latter noticed that the young pit bull had a head injury. Faced with this situation, the policeman took the quadruped to an animal shelter.

The policeman adopts the injured puppy
On the spot, the hairball – which was not wearing a collar – received the necessary care. At that time, the canine was unaware that its rescuer was about to offer it a new life. Back home, Matthew O’Hanlon couldn’t stop thinking about the adorable pup.

“ I called the shelter 20 minutes after dropping him off and said I wanted him ,” the young man told The Daily Paws . Luckily, no owner came forward to pick up the resident. In addition, the pooch did not have a microchip under his skin.

It was in this context that the police officer was able to offer him shelter for life. And the least we can say is that his decision filled his companion with joy: “ My fiancée and I wanted a Pitbull ”. At the time, the Mount Laurel police station shared the good news on its Facebook page.

«Officer O’Hanlon adopted him right away and made sure he got lots of attention and treats!» Little Thor is healing well and has found his loving forever home! The post was accompanied by a snap of the three-month-old animal in the arms of its new master.

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