They leave their jobs and abandon their lives to travel the roads of France in a trailer

Since 2018, Mickaël and Florian have been travelling the roads through their trailer, their new home. Aboard their caravan, they live a bohemian life. Zoom.

Dropping everything to live in a trailer, would you have dared to experience it? This is the crazy bet that Mickaël and Florian have taken on, companions in life. Asked by Ouest France, the duo confided in this amazing life. In 2018, Mickaël and Florian, originally from Gironde, decided to give up everything to live in a horse-drawn trailer.

Since then, they have been living in this caravan of a few square meters and traveling across France: “Everything we have is in this caravan. And since we don’t need anything else, we are never disappointed. We are happy…” , they confided to the media.

Inside this trailer, little space, but the essentials are there. The couple, who have already restored three used trailers, recently decided to buy a new one. For this new project, Mickaël and Florian are based in Paimpont in Ille-et-Vilaine. They are counting on the help of local volunteers to complete their trailer: “We call on all skills, invites Mickaël. For example, someone who knows how to weld to build the chassis. People who could also help us with carpentry, sewing, painting… It could be for a day or half a day. All good will will be welcome” they confide.

A nomadic life that the duo does not hesitate to share and pass on. Via their association , L’École porters , they go to schools where they discuss many themes with the children, such as saving energy, animals and resources. They shared their experience at Ouest France: “We aim to plant little seeds in the heads of children.”

The duo also lives thanks to barter and exchange: “A pupil who offers us a zucchini from his garden, that represents so much more than if we asked him for €2” . And that’s not all. Mickaël and Florian also offer various activities such as horse-drawn carriage rides or the reception of holiday groups or summer camps. In summer, they transform their caravan into a gîte. A nomadic life that would almost make us dream. So, what do you think ?

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