Together for 82 years, this couple holds the record for the longest marriage in Arkansas

Focus today on the beautiful story of Cleovis and Arwilda Whiteside, married for almost 83 years, which is a record in the state where they reside.

It’s a story that could convince the most skeptical to believe in eternal love!

United for 82 years, an American couple has just set a new record for the longest marriage in the state of Arkansas, located in the southern United States.

Aged 100 and 96 respectively, Cleovis and Arwilda Whiteside said «yes» to each other on July 24, 1939 in the town of Clarendon when they were still only teenagers and have been spinning since the perfect love.

The two lovebirds met very young during an incident that occurred on their way home from school.

At the time, Arwilda and one of her friends were chased by boys who kept bothering them, but the intervention of Cleovis, 4 years older, had scared them away. Like a serving knight, the young man had come to the aid of his future sweetheart and she had never forgotten him.

Later, they decided to date and finally married in 1939. A somewhat chaotic marriage since it took place under a deluge and in a small committee.

A weather that has obviously brought them luck, since love continues more than 80 years after marriage.

A longevity and loyalty that are admired by their family but also by the town of White Hall, proud to shelter this unwavering love.

Touched by this wonderful story, the State of Arkansas has decided to honor Cleovis and Arwilda by celebrating this union that has stood the test of time.

Governor Asa Hutchinson thus wrote a letter of congratulations intended for the couple and which was given to them, with a tray and a Bible on Sunday, April 26, during a ceremony organized in the church which the spouses attend.

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