This dog fell in love with a sick little rat and they are now inseparable

In the United States, an extraordinary friendship was born between a dog and a rat. Since their first meeting, the two animals have developed very strong bonds. Back in pictures on this beautiful story.

Animals will always amaze us!

Osiris is a Dutch Shepherd dog . After being abandoned in a parking lot in Chicago (USA), the canine was adopted by a loving family in 2015.

The hairball was far from suspecting that a small rodent was about to upset his daily life.

One day, his masters decided to take in Riff Ratt, a three-month-old rat, under their roof. When he arrived, the rodent was in bad shape and needed to be treated. As surprising as it may seem, Osiris took a liking to Riff Ratt.

Indeed, love at first sight was immediate between the two animals. Initially, the couple were frightened that their boarders wouldn’t get along. But their fears were quickly dispelled. Indeed, the big dog and the small rodent form an adorable duo.

The dog and the rat have become inseparable
The Dutch Shepherd and his friend spend all their time together. And Riff Ratt is not afraid to enter the mouth of Osiris to brush his teeth.

“Riff Ratt loves coming to scratch and lick the inside of Osiris’ mouth. You are probably wondering: but you are not afraid that Osiris will eat it? Oh no. Osiris has already been able to take care of a dozen other animals and he is the friendliest dog I know ,” said the animal owner.

For its part, the canine shows a lot of tenderness towards its protege. For example, he loves to lick his face and carry him on his back. As you will have understood, the canine is very caring with the rat. Thanks to the reassuring presence of Osiris, Riff quickly recovered.

Today, the two friends are still as close as ever. According to CBS Chicago, Osiris has become a therapy dog . He was trained to be gentle with weak animals.

«He’s trained to help keep orphaned baby animals warm, as heating pads can be deadly ,» Osiris’ master said.

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