Morbihan: a retiree photographs an entirely white nutria!

At the end of January, a resident of Rieux captured a magnificent shot of a white nutria. Unsurprisingly, the photograph has met with great success on social networks.

Gérard David is a retiree from Rieux, a town located in Morbihan ( Brittany). At the end of January, the latter had the chance to meet an entirely white nutria on the banks of the Vilaine, report our colleagues from Ouest France.

Armed with his camera, the Breton captured a magnificent shot of the animal. A first for the retiree! Gérard David got wind of the presence of the rodent in the port of Rieux thanks to a fisherman. On the morning of January 26, the amateur photographer went there in the hope of seeing the myocastor.
Luckily, the white nutria was indeed present: “I looked for him and I posted myself at the pontoon, near the boats to have a step back and prevent him from seeing me. And there, I photographed the beast. It’s impressive. Its legs look like hands, its teeth are long and orange. It was the first time I saw an albino. It is rather rare , ”confided the photography enthusiast to the regional daily.

The photos of the white nutria are a hit on Facebook
That day, Gérard David also shared several pictures of the creature on the Facebook group “You are from Morbihan if…(or simply if you like it )”. This public page has more than 50,000 members who share memories, photos and anecdotes.

Unsurprisingly, the publication of Gérard David did not go unnoticed. Indeed, it has been liked nearly 800 times! In the comments, Internet users did not fail to congratulate the author of the post, who did not expect to receive so many reactions.

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