In the rooms of this hotel, beer flows from the…tap!

If you like traveling and alcohol, this article is for you! Head for the Hotel zur Malzmühle in Cologne, where the beer flows directly from the tap.

In the world, there are two types of people: beer lovers and others. And the least we can say is that this hotel located in Cologne has understood this well.

In this hotel, the beer comes out of the tap!
The establishment offers a unique experience to its guests: sipping beer flowing from the taps of the hotel rooms. Yes, you read correctly. This atypical system is ideal for spending an evening between lovers without mixing with the plebs.

Of course, guests can also head to the hotel bar to order a pint. There is no need to remind you that alcohol should be consumed in moderation.

Upon arrival, travelers are greeted with a glass of Kölsch, Cologne’s must-have beer. Finally, a brewed beer is available in the «Superior Deluxe» rooms and in the Junior Suite. Unsurprisingly, tourists will have to shell out around 139 euros to stay in one of these rooms.

During the day, guests can visit the city’s traditional brewery, the Brauerei zur Malzmühle. Cologne is home to a large number of places such as Dom Cathedral, the Kölnisch Wasser or even the Saint-Cunibert Basilica.

If you want to plan your next stay abroad, the Hotel zur Malzmühle is the perfect place for a great vacation.

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