Gironde: the police in search of a teenager who heroically saved a young girl from rape

The police are actively looking for a teenager who saved a young girl from a street rape.

Not all heroes wear capes, but that’s no reason not to honor them.

This is why the Bordeaux police launched a call for witnesses on Monday February 20 to try to find a 15-year-old teenager who prevented a rape 2 weeks ago in Gironde.

15-year-old wanted by police who want to congratulate him on his bravery
The facts occurred on February 3 in the town of Cénon. That day, » between 5.30 and 6 p.m. «, a 13-year-old schoolgirl was attacked by a 49-year-old man on her way home from school.

Determined, the guy then pushes her between two cars and tries to impose oral sex on her. Witness to the scene, a teenager who was passing by intervened immediately, managing to control the aggressor.

With the help of other bystanders, the anonymous hero then manages to surround the man, allowing the victim to escape this attempted rape .

Warned, the police go there but when they arrive, the teenager who helped to avoid the tragedy has already left the scene.

Since his act of bravery, he is therefore actively sought by the police who wish to congratulate him.

The message has therefore passed and there is no doubt that many people wish to thank this brave young boy, starting with the victim, who, in addition to the shock of the attack, was prescribed four days of ITT.

As for the attacker, unfavorably known to the police, he was arrested the day after the incident and was then indicted for attempted rape, before being placed in pre-trial detention.

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