12-Year-Old Makes Lego Wheelchair For Disabled Dog

Gracie suffers a birth defect that restricts her movements. As a result of fate, from an early age, she was abandoned in a veterinary clinic.

It was then that a rescuer from Mostly Mutts Animal Rescue was asked to help the little animal by looking for a new home. It was without knowing that the Turkey family, in charge of the shelter , was going to weave such a strong bond with Gracie that they were going to decide to adopt it themselves.

Very energetic, Gracie plays with the other dogs in the shelter, one of whom is paralyzed in the hind legs.

Although she was able to move around without help, the Turkeys decided to compensate for her lack of front legs, lest she hurt herself.

So 12-year-old shelter volunteer Dylan was tasked with creating a form of wheelchair for the pup . Knowing that she would continue to grow. His solution: assemble the Lego-based wheelchair. What he managed to do brilliantly.

“The first two times it took her a few minutes to figure out (how the chair works), but we ended up using little bits of sausage and when she smelled them she rushed,” Tammy Turkey reported . at The Dodo.

Quickly, it was necessary to modify the wheelchair for the puppy becoming a dog. So Dylan built a second model, before realizing that bigger wheels would make it work better.

Which leads to the third and final version which is perfect for Gracie who is now one year old and has reached her adult height. Thanks to the intervention of the shelter, she receives all the love she deserves and thanks to this ingenious volunteer, she leads the life of a dog that runs after balls and spends her days playing.

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