«My little angel has flown away»: Églantine Éméyé announces the death of her autistic and polyhandicapped son in a heartbreaking message

Host Églantine Éméyé announced the death of her son who suffered from severe autism.

The words are sober and touching.

“Last night, at midnight, my little angel, my toothbrush thief, my little lion with such a gentle gaze, flew off to the stars, after 13 days of struggle. I have no more words… Only immense pain and the infinite love I have for him. My Samychou, I love you… Forever. Your mom is heartbroken, but she knows you’ll never hurt again.»

It is with this moving message, posted this Monday, February 20 on Instagram, that the host Églantine Éméyé — known for her participation in the program «Le Monde de Jamy» on France 3 — announced the death of her son Samy, 17 years.

Host Églantine Éméyé announces the death of her 17-year-old son
Victim of a stroke from an early age, the teenager, with multiple disabilities, suffered from severe autism but also from epilepsy. Pathologies that made his daily life and that of his family extremely difficult, as the host had confided in the past.

“ I think he is one of the most difficult cases. He screams all day and hurts himself by banging his head against the walls (…) we had to put a helmet on him so he wouldn’t hurt himself and make him a bed with bars surrounded by foam. He has already broken the windows of the apartment twice with his head. As a result, we should soon have special glazing installed. Daily life is really not easy for me or for his older brother, Marco. Fortunately, I have my job that helps me keep my head above water. “, she said in the columns of the Parisian in 2012.

Églantine Éméyé had notably mentioned her fight for better management of her son’s illness in 2015 in a book entitled «The toothbrush thief».

The former Canal + weather miss, who began her career on television in 1999, had also created an association called «A step towards life».

Since the announcement of her son’s death, she has received many messages of support from celebrities and others anonymous.

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